Project model creation and implementation

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Specific cases:

Project model creation and implementation

Previously the had one developent model in R&D and other ones in each PBU. These needed to be combined into one, refined, build with update abilities, and the new model needed to be introduced and used globally together with a new PEM - Project Execution Model that was clear on roles and resposnsibilities in projects.

The latter brought significant change to previous de facto operations.

All company PM's needed to be Prince 2 certified

Tasks included:

  • Mapping of previous models
  • Identifing conflicting ways of working
  • Defining new model
  • Defining/refining templates and procedures
  • Stakeholder management - facilitation of "killing off babies"
  • Communication in general
  • Planning and facilitation of 200+ workshops and seminars lasting from 2 hours to 3 days depending on participants background. The varied from "lectures", workshops and casework, additionally webinars about same subject were developed and implemented
  • Acting as coach for peers during their Prince 2 certification