Blue Print for factory organization

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Specific cases:

Blue Print for factory organizations

Born from a need for scalability and benchmarking,  a Blue Print for a standard factory was needed. A concept for "daughter factories" was included.

Blue Print included:

  • Standard factory organization (salaried staff only)
  • Span of Control definitions for each level
  • Detailed jobdescriptions with
    • Responsibily
    • References
    • Accountability
    • Key deliverables
    • Needed competences, with levels (1-5) and qualifications
    • For each comepetence training and assesment plans were defined and training material designed or referenced

Task included

  • Budgetting
  • Project planning and execution
  • Close coorporation with Global HR
  • Facilitation of consencus with regard to organization layout and main deliverables of jobs
  • Task delegation and followup with SME - Subject Matter Experts - for training definitions
  • Coaching with regard to training and assessment design
  • Facilitating SteerCo meetings
  • Stakeholder management - monthly reporting to State of Affairs and bi yearly meetings with factories
  • Facilitation of design of web-site for finished project
  • Communication tasks to rest of organization