Outsourcing India 1


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Outsourcing of training organization:

Designing the concept for outsourcing a training oraganization from Denmark to India.

The company wanted to move away from having a base of initial trainers based in Denmark (on Danish salary and benefits) who undertook technology transfers to own factories and external suppliers to having an overseas team doing this / primarily fro cost reasons, and for scaleability.

The proof of concept involved:

  • Mapping Indian salary and compensation levels
  • Mapping available Indian competences
  • Designing possible organizational setups
  • Intense studies of immigration and taxation rules in the countries where these    trainers would be working - (primarily US, Denamrk, Spain, Mexico, China and Germany
  • Developing a concept for qualification retainment whilst not being posted
  • Budgetting
  • Preparation of decission paper to SVP