What is Schmindo?

Schmindo is Denmark based consultant, with a global reach.

Specializing in consultancy services within:

  • Systematic training and development
  • Oursourcing of services
  • Process documentation, optimization and development
  • Designing, implementing and embedding change, including but not limited to communication.


Services are available

  • Chargeable per hour incl. travel time
  • Set price per task
  • Exclusive hire for limited time

In all cases a NDA wil be required and signed by both parties.


Who is Schmindo?

Schmindo is currently Jens Laursen-Schmidt.

  • 54 year old Dane
  • MPA and HD(A)
  • Extensive experience from leading global wind turbine manufacturer and several Danish private and public businesses. (Full CV is availble on request)
  • Speaks English and Danish fluently, can get by in German.
  • Experience from working in: Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, Greece,India, Italy, Spain, Italy, UK and the US